Kids room

Kids room

Year: 2021
Location: Skopje, Macedonia
Software: SketchUp, VRay
Client: D.A.C.
Project type: Kids room

As for many the house is synonym for a cozy and safe place, then the trend of designing children’s rooms using pieces of furniture that look like houses is quite understandable. That was also our idea while arranging this spacious and bright room, so we created several houses with an assigned function: a sleeping house, a reading house and a house where ‘the toys will live’.

The sleeping house is part of the bed itself which is made on two levels, the upper one intended for play and the lower one for rest, while the reading house is part of the closet itself. On the opposite wall we have a small cabinet – several houses intended for storing toys. The accented wall may or may not have another dresser, and instead of a wallpaper, the wall can be left as it is for the child to make its first masterpieces there, or the wall can be painted with chalkboard paint with the effect of a school chalkboard.

The color palette is tailored to the wishes of the three-year-old girl, and besides the inevitable pink that appears as a detail on the wallpaper, carpet and decorative pillows, the rest of the room is calm with pieces of white furniture and wooden accents.