Services – Dekorama


Advice and Consultations

We will offer you the best solution that will suit your needs and requirements. Our team will make sure that we implement all your requests while always considering your budget.

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Interior Design

2D plan layouts helps us in planning the space, giving the area to respective rooms according to general dimension, occupants needs, lifestyle and personal preferences. … It’s the first, foremost step to start with a new project.

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3D Architectural Still Images

3D renders have the flexibility and versatility to tackle nearly any visual challenge. They are photorealistic and/or artistic. With 3D renders we can help you to visualize existing structures, or help you envision entirely new ones.

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Made-to-measure furniture

With a firm understanding of your needs, careful consideration of design and just a little bit of extra time, we can create custom furniture built perfectly to fit your lifestyle, wishes and affinities.

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Making wall and ceiling murals on all types of surfaces

Design a room your kids will love with wall murals of your choice

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