Lounge bar at Hotel Panorama Delchevo

Redesign of lounge bar – Hotel Panorama, Delchevo

Year: 2023
Location: Delchevo, Macedonia
Software: SketchUp, VRay, Photoshop
Client: N.D.

Project type: Commercial

Discover a space where industrial meets modern, where black ceilings and metallic accents set the scene for an exquisite culinary journey. With its seamless blend of contrasting elements, this restaurant invites you to taste delicious food in a setting that is visually stunning and welcoming. Elegant pendant lights cast soft light throughout the space, highlighting the intriguing metal details that adorn the setting and add a dose of edgy sophistication. This combination of industrial details and modern lighting creates an atmosphere that is attractive and avant-garde. As you dine, you’ll be surrounded by a setting that perfectly balances innovation with tradition, and amidst this design, the existing tables and chairs, along with the intact floor, provide the familiar comfort.