Pink children’s room

A smart solution for storing toys, clothes and bedding in a small space

Project Year2020
LocationSkopje, Macedonia
Used SoftwareSketchUp, VRay
Project TypeChildren’s room

What makes pink “chic” and “in” for girls is generally unknown!? Although it emerged as a fashion trend sometime in the second half of the 20th century, it still persists. Today, the pink color is almost always associated with girls and women. We’ve received a request by our client to design pink kid’s room for her 4-year-old daughter.

Having in mind the situation with COVID 19 globally, children spend more time at home, enclosed in 4 walls, the request was to create a room that will provide adequate space for play.

The very size of the room required the creation of easily accessible storage space for clothes, bedding and toys, while leaving space for changes that would follow the growth and development of the girl. For these reasons, the bed is raised from the floor and a play area is created under the bed itself, with the option to be turned into a working zone in the near future.