Two room apartment in Amsterdam

Two room apartment in Amsterdam

Year: 2021
Location: Amsterdam, Netherland
Used software: SketchUp, VRay
Client: A.G.
Project type: 65 m2 apartment in Amsterdam

Designing this 65 m2 apartment in Amsterdam we use the elements of minimalism and functionality in order to make it a bit more comfortable, modern, and organized with simple, calming elements that make this design style so appealing but also the warmth and practicality that make it so accessible.

The living room (bright and spacious) is overall simple, with common, friendly elements like indoor house plants and a cushy sofa. The open plan from kitchen to living room makes the apartment feel large, while windows let in plenty of natural light.

Using unique coffee tables in the living room is modern but also practical, giving more surfaces for resting drinks or books.

Instead of dining table, the owner opted for an island with seats that look and feel more like chairs. That gave the island more of a “dining room” vibe, and seating with backs will be more comfortable for longer meals.

The neutral and natural color scheme is certainly simple and easy to understand, with splashes of natural green throughout.

By placing decorative elements and plants on the floor and on the shelving, we kept the walls mostly bare.

The main bedroom is perhaps the simplest space in the apartment, again with few black and white photographs on the walls and not much square footage. Cozy bedding textures and a spring or two of greenery is all you need to find a peaceful night’s sleep in here.