White kitchen (separated from the living room)

Small white kitchen

Year: 2021
Location: Skopje, Macedonia
Software: SketchUp, VRay
Client: А&N
Project type: Small white kitchen

The kitchen can be accessed from the living room, and we can separate it by use of a sliding door that slides internally into the plasterboard wall (Pocket Kit of Knauf).

The bodies of the elements are made of white plywood d = 18mm, and we made the face of painted MDFM with matte finish with profiled edge to avoid handles. Details of veneered MDF line d = 26mm appear as extra pages and open shelves. We place tiles only on the wall where the sink and hob are positioned, on the pillar and on the floor. In the open shelves on the opposite side, the element has a massive rhubarb (wallpaper or veneered or painted MDF), in order to avoid load on the plasterboard wall and to carry the weight on the worktop.

The worktop is Egger H193 ST12 Oak Butcher-block. The sink is composite, model Pyramis Pyragranite Kartesio 79×50.The tiles are from the TRAZOS collection and the pattern is a graphically based range designed with ethnically inspired strokes. TRAZOS porcelain tile with fresh and soft matte color of aquamarine or flamingo / brick on white, its different designs add liveliness and freshness to any room. We could not decide on the color of aquamarine or flamingo and we offered both.