Made in Macedonia – Shaping light and transparency, the magic of Marta Pop Antoska’s glass creations

Meet Marta, a visionary artist who has spent the last 15 years crafting unique works of art, interior glass solutions, and exquisite jewelry pieces from high-quality Italian glass. Her creative process is as fascinating as it is unique, drawing inspiration from the rich Macedonian history, folklore and cultural significance of glass. In this interview, we delve into Marta’s journey into the captivating world of glass artistry, exploring her creative process, inspirations, and the magic of fused glass.

Dekorama: Can you tell us about your journey into the world of glass art? What inspires you to work with glass?!?

Marta: M art gallery has been creating its own recognizable style for the last 15 years. I create unique works of art, interior glass solutions and jewelry pieces from high quality Italian glass. The process I use to make them is a fascinating and unique technique, it is my main inspiration.

Dekorama: Glass carries a rich history and cultural significance. How do you incorporate tradition and innovation into your artistic process?

Marta: The handcrafted fused glass pebbles, distinguished by their unique designs, combined with the traditional Macedonian filigree, bestow these pieces with unparalleled artistic value. Moreover, I frequently incorporate motifs from Macedonian folklore into my works, particularly in decorative plates and objects, adding a profound and impactful dimension to the final product.

Dekorama: Could you describe your creative process when conceptualizing and designing a new glass fusion sculpture or artwork?

Marta: The path of the creative process is highly intuitive. The technique serves as a means to express myself more effectively. Those who have a desire to create artistic works seldom contemplate the final outcome.

Deкorama: What factors influence your design choices?

Marta: Ideas and inspiration are the most valuable assets of a creative mind.

Deкorama: Fused glass is known for its vibrant colors. How do you choose colors to create visual impact and convey meaning in your art?

Marta: They select me. It’s a process I cannot articulate. Creative enthusiasm functions like an accumulator; the more you work, the more creative energy it gathers. I relish immersing myself in that dimension.

Dekorama: Making glass objects can be technically challenging. What are some of the key techniques and tools you use to manipulate and shape glass into your desired shapes?

Marta: Glass fusion is a technique involving the thermal treatment of glass in specialized melting furnaces to create decorative and functional objects, interior fixtures, jewelry, sculptures, and virtually anything the human imagination can conceive.

We use high-quality Italian glass, and each shape is meticulously hand-cut from colored glass plates, ensuring no two pieces are ever identical. The entire process spans a little over 16 hours, with the glass being heated to 800 degrees until the final product is achieved.

Dekorama: Your portfolio encompasses sculptures, objects of applied art (such as lamps and sinks), and even fashion pieces! Could you share how your creative process varies when working on these diverse projects?

Marta: When it comes to crafting integrated interior elements, customers often come with initial ideas. In my studio, there’s an abundance of works and samples, which typically serve as the starting point. The process then unfolds as we build upon these foundations, resulting in the final product.

Each piece stands apart as unique, telling its own story and never repeating itself.

When I’m crafting jewelry or sculpting, I immerse myself in the creative process, and that’s when the most beautiful creations come to life.

Dekorama: Fused glass frequently explores the interplay of light and transparency. How do you leverage these characteristics to craft distinctive and captivating visual experiences in your artworks?

Marta: The glass’s transparency is genuinely what captivates me. Its radiance is unparalleled, unmatched by any other technique. It’s within the glass that I discover all my ideas; everything else flows from intuition.

“Creativity is an instinctive voyage. Those driven to create often don’t preoccupy themselves with the end result.”

Dekorama: Collaboration can play a significant role in the art world. Have you ever collaborated with other artists or craftspeople on a project? If so, how have those collaborations influenced your work?

Marta: To date, I’ve exclusively collaborated with architects, crafting integrated interior components or decorative sculptures for the spaces they design. It’s worth noting that these collaborations have expanded my horizons and presented substantial challenges in my work.

Dekorama: Finally, what do you aspire for viewers and collectors to take away from your creations? Is there a specific message or emotion you aim to convey through your art?

Marta: Everything I’ve crafted with my hands thus far is rooted in profound love and a vivid vision I’ve embedded into my works. My desire is for viewers to sense the energy of the boundless worlds that I envision.

For more about Marta, you can explore her website and Instagram account.